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The Formula Gulf Academy is the only true junior single seater training programme globably.

Not only producing extremely fast and experienced racing drivers but also teaching the youngsters an academic approach to Motorsport. They will be steadily introduced to competitive Motorsport, through training sessions in fitness, media and basic race car engineering. Before the season each driver will partake in a fitness test, determining their season long training programme consisting of physical and mental training. Drivers are also prepared for how to deal with media and sponsors in the future.

The accompanying track programme features a big focus on driver and data analysis. With 36 track sessions including testing, qualifying and race sessions the learning curve is steep. Racing at the Dubai Autodrome, Yas Marina circuit and for the first time at the Bahrain International Circuit, there is certainly plenty to learn.


The Formula Gulf Academy is designated as an Competition Driving School by the ATC UAE (Governing FIA body in the UAE). This means that drivers from the age of 15 with only a National B licence from their home country (not UAE) can take part. We will guide you through this process at the time of application. If you have a National A (along with start permission) or indeed an International Licence you are also eligible. If you are applying from within the UAE and are 15 years of age, you can obtain a special Academy Licence from ATC UAE through Formula Gulf Academy.

Academy Program:

Yas Marina Circuit will play host to the first event of the program. Here you will meet the team for the first time, but not a moment will be wasted. In the morning you will have your initial fitness assessment & seat fitting, and then straight on with the program.

Fitness coaching/assessment - 6 hours across the program

Many drivers underestimate what it demands physically to drive a fast single seater. Fitness coaching is provide by in house coaches to ensure that a bespoke program is developed and that you are able to maintain it. Over the years we have seen drivers loose races as they loose focus and make mistakes towards the end of an enduring event, this program will ensure this isn't you!

Media coaching program

We will put a camera in your face at every event and at any point. You need to be ready to say the right thing, regardless of whether you have just come in from setting pole or your had a technical problem and will start from the back of the grid! Either way you need to say the right thing, guide the interview to get what you want from it and keep you sponsors and supports happy! Our media coach Phil Anson has been interviewing and talking about motorsport for 20 years and know exactly what you should be saying.



Engineering program

How was the car? This is the a question you will be asked over and over from your team. Answering this question is what makes the difference between a good driver and the fastest driver. While setup changes are minimised in the academy the feedback you give to your coaches and engineers is crucial. Understanding the basic mechanics of the car will enable you to give the best possible feedback.

Testing distance - 1,400km

While most normal championships offer many km's of testing the difference with the Formula Gulf Academy is that after every 50km you spend time with our driver coaches going over and comparing data with other drivers. But don't confuse this with normal data engineering, this is driver coaching. Our coaches are able to pick out specifics from your driving and importantly articulate what you need to do to make the changes to go faster, not just tell you to "brake later" or "go faster here" as many team data engineers do, this is very different.

Racing distance - 400km

Nothing prepares young racers like actually racing! Formula Gulf Academy is a sanctioned Competition Driving School and a National Race Series. Racing gives you the chance to put all that you have learned into practice. It's the perfect opportunity to have your first race as there is a lot to learn and the pressure of racing exposes all the small things you need to know. Over the course of the academy you will compete in 8x50km races, score points, collect trophies and hopefully stand on the podium - all fantastic experiance!