In 1972 Van Diemen was created by Ralph Firman, during his tenure, some 5,000 single seater and sports racing cars were produced and his Duckhams/Van Diemen Formula Ford team was the starting point for many successful drivers – amongst the most notable being Ayrton Senna and Eddie Irvine. (There was a period when 7 drivers in F1 had started their racing in a Van Diemen chassis.

Stepping down in 2004, he persued other interests until 2008 when he decided to return to the sport he loved, forming a new company,RFR, and building a new state-of-the-art FG11 car that is used in Formula Gulf 1000.

Reliability is extremely important when it come to race cars and winning championships. The GulfSport Racing mechanics and engineers have experience ranging from Karting to Formula Renault, F3 right up to F1. In the 2015/16 season there were was not one DNF due to a mechanical failure from 90 race starts.

GulfSport Racing who run the Formula Gulf Academy have run 70 Races and many tests and the car is proving very fast and reliable. It was the aim to use a car that was placed in terms of power and grip between Formula 4 and F. Renault 2.0 and feedback from our drivers that have driven in both formula agree that this is very much the case.

Another important part of specifying a race car for a single seater series is to choose a car that has reasonably priced spare parts. The driver pays no extra cost during the season for general running cost items (brakes, engine oil, bearings etc), but they do have to pay for any damage to the car. Commonly you will see a front wing get damaged on a single seater, but our prices for parts are about 25% of what you would pay for a similar part on a Formula 4 for FR2000.


400kg (series weight limit inc driver 475kg)

Driver safety

Multi-tubular stepped spaceframe chassis. Conforming to FIA crash test requirements for 2009

33L FT3 FIA fuel cell

Wheel tethers

F3 collapsible steering column

FIA size head restraint

Aero Dynamics

Adjustable 3-element aluminium rear wing structure using FIA F3 profiles complimented by a diffuser

One piece composite anhedral front wing with adjustable flaps, shows and endplates

Stepped floor bib with sidepod aero funnels

Engine and Gearbox

Suzuki 1000cc (180bhp), dry sump

6 Speed sequential gearbox


Triangulated upper and lower wishbones in aerofoil section steel

Pushrod suspension operating through aluminium rockers

Blade adjustable anti-roll bar

Bilstien dampers valved for bump and rebound

Data logger

AIM Formula Wheel

AIM EVO 4 logger (Std engine parameters, front and rear brake pressure, steering angle, lat and lon G, throttle position)

Wheels and tyres

Hankook F200 slicks 13" (F4 spec)

OZ Racing 8" and 10" rims